Spring Kits

KPMI® has developed a Beehive Spring Kit and 3 Dual-Spring Kits for the 2011-’16 Polaris XP900/1000’s and 2 Dual-Spring Kits and a Beehive Kit for the 2013- ’20 900/1000’s. Being at the forefront of valvetrain development in the side by side market, KPMI® takes pride in being able to development spring kits for the top engine builders around the world. Because of this fact, KPMI® processes valued feedback when offering new designs or modifying existing. Pay close attention to the pressures and retainer material offered. KPMI® recommends heat-treated-steel-retainers for all endurance applications and leaves it up to the most experience engine builder to select titanium retainers when mass reduction is imperative and normal maintenance teardowns are routine after each race. As an additional note, our race customers are using less open pressure for the Turbo’s and only using the Beehive and higher open pressure with experience and knowledge of the treatment of mating parts, clearances and oils. Matching a spring design to given valvetrain mass and cam dynamics is a science and when in doubt you must confer with an experienced builder.