Reamers, Solid Carbide

KPMI® Carbide valve guide reamers are manufactured from Solid Carbide. All KPMI® reamers are ground to: +/- .0002”. KPMI® carbide reamers are straight-flute and have a 6-flute design. The pilot portion of KPMI® reamers are 1.0” to 1.5” long. Insert the pilot into a guide that you intend to size. Using a hand held drill, apply honing oil or ATF before and during reaming a guide. KPMI® reamers have been specifically designed for Manganese Bronze valve guides and Cast Iron. Do not attempt to use these reamers to size C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze guides. Also, once a reamer is used on Cast Iron, it’s not advisable to then use it on a bronze guide.