Seats, Powdered Metal

Installation Notes: KPMI® seats are universal and not dimensioned for specific applications. Typically the seats are taller and have a reduced ID compared to stock. The seats listed in this chart are the closest oversize iron seat we make for the application. These seat size recommendations are based on machining the seat counterbore in the head after the OEM seat has been removed. This insures that the counterbore is true, and will give optimum valve seat to head surface contact and interference fit. This is critical for proper valve seat stability, retention, and heat transfer. You may turn down the OD of the seat to fit your application. You should always measure the seat bore to confirm dimensions before ordering the seat. The cylinder head should be heated to approx. 250° just prior to seat installation. This will expand the seat bore for easier seat installation. The seat may be cooled as well, to additionally reduce the amount of interference at the time of installation. Be sure to install the seat with the radiused edge facing down.